Black Annis Women’s Morris Home Page

Black Annis are a group of fun and friendly women who perform Cotswold Morris in the Summer and Fenland Molly in the Winter. We practice every Thursday at 8:15 at the Church of the Martyrs Community Hall, 19 Westcotes Drive, Leicester LE3 0QT

Please contact us if you would like to join us or book us for an event. We can provide up to 3 20 minute dance slots at any booking, we also do workshops where we teach Morris dancing to groups.

To find out where you can see us this summer please visit our 2022 Celebrating 40 Years Of Dancing page

****NEWS**** Black Annis will be dancing in Leicester this Saturday, 13 August, at 12:40pm at the Mela Festival, Cossington Street Recreation Ground LE4 6AD

Black Annis 40 Birthday Party

On Saturday 2 July Black Annis hosted a day of dance to celebrate our 40th birthday we were thrilled to welcome teams from across the country, pictured below. Please see our Black Annis 40th Birthday Party – Saturday 2nd July page for more pictures.

Black Annis Celebrate 40 Years of Dancing with Sides from Birmingham, Coventry, Hastings, London and Sheffield